EP193: Kim Dongjun + Monday Couple | requested by quixotic-desires

Anonymous asked:
Why does jaesuk call Jongkook "kookjong" sometimes?

It’s from the 2008-2010 variety show Family Outing. Jaesuk gave Jongkook the nickname “Kookjong” and has been using it since then. I’m happy that after all these years, he still uses this nickname of Jongkook:DD


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Anonymous asked:
I do love your gifs! Just wanna ask you what font & what font size did you for your gifs? Thanks!

Thanks^^ I use Myriad Pro, font 14, bold italic, sharp, faux bold in Photoshop settings.


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EP113: Yoohyuk vs. Jong kook

hi everyone, 

this is pika. i’m so so so SOOOO sorry for the absence. i can’t put into words how sorry i am. i was really excited to help run this blog with mat but right after i joined this blog, i became bombarded with school work. college blows. I can’t promise i’ll be back for long, so sorry, again. :( especially to mat! i’m so sorry. i hope you’ll forgive me. to make up for the loss i’ll fulfill any requests you have for this weekend (I’ll be back after two weeks). 

so request away!

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EP191: Drastic change in attitude

wesleyaccola asked:
I just did a mini rant saying that I'd like the hide-and-seek game to return. What are your thoughts on it? I think it's the game that made a lot of fans fall in love with the show. For me it wasn't because I started watching it only last year but I'm just laughing so much harder at the earlier episodes. I still laugh my ass off with recent episodes but do you think sometimes RM could go back a little into being more mission-driven rather than story-driven? :)

Hi there! I’ve just watched your post:D It’s well reasoned and I really can feel your love for RM.

To be honest, I do want the PD’s to bring back old stuff now and then. Through these years, the PDs have experimented on a lot of concepts. Some are great while the others may not be as successful. I like it when they keep old ideas that are good, but I don’t blame them for not bringing them back all the time. Watching these intense and hilarious missions occasionally can even make it more enjoyable. If it’s always used, I think people will get bored to it sooner or later:)

Also, although the mission-driven episodes are what make lots of fans fall in love with RM, some story lines are undeniably well-plotted and I enjoy them very much. I think both elements are essential to mold RM to what it is today. (/secretly/ i do prefer mission-driven ones as well)

Referring to my previous rant about people complaining, they simply have zero content in their reasoning and always blame the PDs for not trying enough. I sometimes have my own opinions as well, but that doesn’t mean that the PDs have to fulfill all our wishes. I think yours is completely reasonable and isn’t a demand for something:DD

Thank you so much for the question!


Anonymous asked:
How do you do your edits??

Hi! I use Photoshop CS6. You can see how I make a GIF >here<


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Anonymous asked:
So many people say that they hate at least one character. They are always talking about how boring the games are now. How do you feel?

I feel sorry for them;) (rant mode on)

I usually don’t mind people’s opinions much, but recently it gets a little bit over the top.

First, addressing the ones who say the games are boring, try being a PD. Or you can get the guts up and hand in a proposal like Irene did.

Second, the reason you hate any member is probably you don’t understand a thing about him or her. Instead of whining about how selfish/bossy/overrated they are, get a life. I don’t understand why after so many years, people still think that the characters given to the members are 100% their real personality. Okay, if you think you have a legitimate reason to hate, pray tell. If not, haters to the left.

Thank you for the question anyway anon! I’ve been holding this back for a long time:D


P.S. Saying you hate one member in order to glorify your bias is probably the worst thing you can do. And I see this type of people everywhere.

when they don’t listen to the whole question
and start talking about food