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Hey guys! I’ve been really busy (am still), so I’m really sorry to say that I won’t take requests for a few weeks:( I might still update but scanning for particular moments and GIFing them according to requests are too hard for me now.

I don’t know if Pika wants to do them or not, but since both of us are super duper busy, and I’m going to reopen requests sometime real soon anyway, all request-related messages will be ignored by me from now on.

If you’ve sent a request to me before and I still haven’t gotten to that, don’t worry. They won’t be ignored and I’ll try to finish them within this month. Sorry for the wait.

I’ll get to the questions soon:) Thanks for your support!



because kim jongkook ain’t your average dancer

sherlock joohwan sees through everything | requested by anon

Anonymous asked:
hello! do you know the episode where the running man cast is running around a market buying things and making puns with what they buy (like pretty _____ or scary good _______) to win the mission? sorry this is so vague! >.<

Hi! I think you’re referring to EP171, where Ryu Hyunjin were giving the RMs missions. EXO made a special appearance towards the end of the episode.

Hope it helps!


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07.14.1985 - happy birthday to our Giraffe
Thank you for being the most adorable dork.

Running in 4 years: 2010.7.11 - 2014.7.11 

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Kwangsoo lookin’ hot when he’s preparing for the punch
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taesthetic asked:
oh my gosh how did i not know about this blog earlier? an up-to-date running man blog yayayayay! thank you sooo much for your talents and efforts to run this beautiful blog ; v ;

Aww thank you for you support!! It hasn’t been very up-to-date for the past two weeks, but I’ll try my best to spread Running Man love! Love you so much xDD~


hotwon asked:
Hi my name is Lynda. I actually have a quick favor to ask of you. I'm attending the Kim Jong Kook and Haha concert this Saturday in Indio, California. And I have just realize that I cannot pick up my tickets in LA in time before the concert. So I was hoping you would post this on your blog in order see if someone can pick them up for me and bring them to the venue along with them. Thank you!

Can anyone help Lynda out? Do message her if you can:))

Have fun at the concert!


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