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Song Jihyo - NBA Style Photo Shoot 2/2

Anonymous: Hi,Where is your front page pic of kookie hitting jae suk from?

Hi! That’s Haha and Byul’s collection of wedding photos. If you want to watch, it’s HERE. It’s totally worth watching over and over again.


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Anonymous: Do you have an instagram account?

I have one for this blog, but I never use it hehehe. I don’t know how to make those PS-like edits on my mobile anyway. I do have a personal account though:)


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smtownbaby: YAY FOR A COMPILATION OF JONGKOOK SLAYING EVERYONE <3 one of my fave episodes tbh, great gifset and I look forward to more ;)

IKR? It’s awesome to say the least xDD. I’ve been GIFing way too many ALS ice bucket challenges lol. I’ll sure GIF the compilation once I recover!


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desparadome: Hey, do you happen to knw the intro song of ep 207 ?..

Hi there, I’ve finally found it! It’s One To Five & Sing by SOREA Band

Sorry for the late reply T_T


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haha’s ice bucket challenge nominated by jongkook (& jung junha)
nominating jung hyungdon, kang gary & ji sukjin [x]

kwangsoo being extremely helpful for the als ice bucket challenge

jongkook’s ice bucket challenge nominated by kwangsoo
nominating ha donghoon, cha taehyun & jang hyuk [x]

08.20.1979 - happy birthday to our Haroro
Thank you for being the cute playboy who never grows up.

this, is true terror 1/2 | requested by amandatheangrygirl